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Welcome to East Coast Supercharging (ECS), one of the nation’s premier GM performance centers! ECS is the manufacturer of the highest quality supercharging systems for your late model Corvette, Camaro and GM Trucks. We pride ourselves on quality, workmanship, and proven, powerful results. From ECS’ state of the art tuning, to our premium parts selection, we can help you build a package that suits your driving style and power goals. Please take a look around, and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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ECS NOVI 1500 Supercharger System for '14+ Corvette Stingrays

Dear ECS Customer,

Over 20 years of supercharging experience and research along with countless hours by our engineering and R&D team went into this design and has resulted in the best and most efficient supercharging system we have ever offered. The new ECS Supercharging system for the 2014+ Corvettes features the same race-inspired components as our other proven supercharger systems that hold just about every supercharged Corvette record in the world, but also a focus on the D.I.Y. installer. This kit was made to be installed from beginning to end in a day in your driveway and with no need for special tools or remove the front facia risking damage or alignment issues upon re-installation. Also, you don't need to remove the factory balancer and risk factory belt alignment issues. The optional hand-held tuner helps you complete installation for the base supercharger kit and you can drive your 600rwhp C7 Corvette the same day. However the kit is not limited to 600whpthe same base kit is upgradeable to handle up to 800whp with supporting modifications and can be upgraded to the ECS 2200R head unit that will support well over 1,000 RWHP!!!

No need to wait for the 2015 Z06 to drive a supercharged C7. Call and order your C7 Supercharger system today. Remember supercharging Corvettes is what we do!!!

Thank you,
East Coast Supercharging


  • Novi 1500 self contained supercharger rated up to 900HP
  • Upgradeable to NOVI 2200R Head Unit to support 1,300+HP
  • 100% Bolt on installation
  • Dedicated 8-Rib belt drive system
  • No added stress on the factory accessory belt drive or tensioner
  • No need to remove front facia or factory balancer
  • Intercooler design allows for direct airflow to the radiator
  • TiAL 50mm Q Blow-off valve
  • High Quality CNC Mounting Brackets and Spacers
  • Aluminium ducting and reinforced silicone couplers w/ stainless t-bolt clamps
  • Retains the factory airbox with ECS Exclusive Air Filter
  • Retains factory areo options
  • Handheld tuner available for complete installation (base kit only)
  • Gain an amazing 188whp over stock
  • Over 500 ft-lbs of torque @ 3,200 RPM
  • Highest torque curve out of any centrifugal SC on the market!!!

On a 100% STOCK C7: 593whp/567wtq see video below

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ECS Sponsored Roll Racing Event @ Pocono Super Speedway on July 11 2014


East Coast Supercharging is proud to announce we will once again be sponsoring a one of a kind event in partnership with Slipstream Racing Events we will be hosting a 1,600ft timed and recorded roll racing side by side racing at the world famous 2.5 Mile Pocono Super Speedway in Long Pond, PA on April 5th. It is also for a good cause as part of the proceeds will be donated to charity check out details below...


• Side-by-Side Rolling Start Races
• Start Speed of 60 MPH
• 1600ft Race Distance (In Addition to Warm-Up & Cool-Down Zones)
• Winner, Vehicle MPH, and Elapsed Time measured and displayed on LED Digital Scoreboards and Printed Time-slips

We have watched people around the world, both within and outside of the automotive community, do great things to honor and remember the late Paul Walker and Roger Rodas.

Beyond what the two have given our relatively small community by placing automotive performance in the mainstream spotlight, these individuals used their passion to create an enormously positive impact in the world.

For us and our patrons racing is more than a hobby, it is an addictive passion that we dedicate ourselves to. With our first event of 2014 the SlipStream team has decided to continue Paul & Roger’s legacy by partnering with their foundation, Reach Out WorldWide (ROWW), and channeling the response of our community into a great cause to help others.

SlipStream Racing Events, LLC. will publicly donate a portion of the proceeds from sponsors, racers, and spectators directly to ROWW following the event, with a goal of $10,000.

We have decided to go all in for what we feel is the most accurate and proper way we can honor these men. Our goal is to deliver the energy and excitement of large crowds of diverse car owners gathering, conversing, and most importantly racing to find out who has the most powerful combination…Because after all-“It’s not how you stand by your car; it’s how you race your car.”

Finally get that grudge match settled once and for all, see how you car stacks up to other benchmarks, or just drive as fast as you can in a controlled environment – above all HAVE FUN!

Registration: CLICK HERE

Racers: $300/car
Includes: Unlimited runs, catered lunch, bottled water/Gatorade

Spectators: $45/person
Includes: Full-day access, catered lunch, bottled water/Gatorade

*We DO NOT charge a base fee for any of our events

08:15 AM………………Gates Open for General Admission
08:15-09:30 AM…….Tech Inspections
09:30-10:00 AM.……Safety Brief / Q&A
10:00-10:15 AM…….Staging Area Walk Through
10:15-5:00 PM………Open Side-by-Side Roll-On

Presented by Slipstream Racing Events & East Coast Supercharging

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East Coast Supercharging Testing New '14 C7

East Coast Supercharging has been doing some testing on the new 2014 C7 Corvette, and so far it has proven to be a great performance platform for which we are working on developing several power and performance packages. Recently we did some baseline testing on the car both dyno and 1/4 mile track testing, the C7 put down 412whp and 413wtq on our Dynapack dyno and ran a best of 11.90 @ 118 mph. So stay tuned to our website and other social media for the latest updates on the C7 check out the baseline video below.  

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ECS Features Diablosport Handheld Programmers

Diablosport Handheld ProgrammersEast Coast Supercharging is using the Diablosport line of Handheld Programmers EXCLUSIVELY for all A6-6L80E transmission mail order tuning (Required for A6 Vehicles), and our base mail order tuning. We are excited to be working with the crew at Diablosport. Please check out the handheld programmers under our ECS Exclusive Products, ECS Tuning Services, or, under your respective Vehicle Category.

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Website Updates 8/14/12

Thank you for Visiting. As many of you already know we are revamping the website to bring our customers better search functions and allow for easier viewing.We have made the first major round of updates as you can see on the left side of this note. We are continuing to add products, sales, and items daily.

East Coast Supercharging Staff

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I finally got my PCM back in and tested everything out with the new headers. The car is a beast now! I was amazed at the difference (a buddy of mine was also). Anyone on the fence I would strongly suggest getting off and sending your PCM to ECS. They do great work. Thanks guys!!
Jhonathan_W - 15 Jul 2009