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Rob Farley Wins LSx Rumble Challenge - Bradenton March 18th

Rob Farley has started the year off right this year. After fighting some rearend issues on Friday, we next day air'd down to Rob an ECS Spool Kit and some spider gears. With help from Tracy Lewis, Rob was able to run on Saturday's qualifying, in which he took home the finals win on Sunday!

Congrats to Rob for over a .200 margin of victory.

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Corvette Challenge & GM EFI Dates Released

Raceway Park has released their schedule for the 2012 season. Here are the ECS Corvette Challenge, Pfadt/Mantic GM EFI Brackets, and Team ECS 8.90 Index dates:

3/24 6/9
3/31 7/7
4/7 (No GM EFI/8.90) 7/14 (No GM EFI/8.90)
4/14 7/28
5/12 8/18

Remember folks, gates open at 9AM on every race day!

Sign up for points here: Raceway Park Points Signup

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Raceway Park Schedule Release

Raceway Park has released their tentative 2012 schedule. Remember some of these dates are subject to change. You can view the full race schedule here:

Raceway Park 2012 Schedule

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If you are considering having a mail order tune but just not sure about it...don't wait any longer. This is the place to send it. I removed it just like Chris said, there is a little 7mm screw way up the inside of the fender next to the door he said makes it easy to remove without bracket breakage, and he was certainly right, also makes it a whole lot easier to see the rest of the 7mm screws holding everything in. It was out in less than 5 minutes. Just got it back and a total of 12 minutes from the time I sat down on the garage flo ...
dancin1 - 27 Sep 2010