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Live half way across the county, or across the globe but still want an ECS tune? No Problem. ECS offers mail order tunes at reasonable pricing. Given our vast experience tuning thousands of unique combinations, ECS can tweak your tune to fit your bolt on modifications quickly and easily. Mail Order tunes are perfect if you’ve installed bolt on modifications such as cold air intakes, headers, new gear ratios or torque converters. ECS will use EFI Live software to recalibrate your pcm on our bench to correct idle and driveabily issues, correct check engine lights and, best of all, help you get the most from your modifications so your car runs smoother, shifts quicker and performs at its peak.

Our Mail order tunes are generally turned around within 24hrs of your PCM’s arrival to ECS. Pricing includes ground shipping back to your location. Expedited shipping is available at additional cost. Please be sure to include a ECS Tuning Information Sheet, and include it with your PCM, and ship to:

East Coast Supercharging
Mail Order Tunes
562 Rt. 539
Cream Ridge, NJ 08514
phone: 609-752-0321

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If you are considering having a mail order tune but just not sure about it...don't wait any longer. This is the place to send it. I removed it just like Chris said, there is a little 7mm screw way up the inside of the fender next to the door he said makes it easy to remove without bracket breakage, and he was certainly right, also makes it a whole lot easier to see the rest of the 7mm screws holding everything in. It was out in less than 5 minutes. Just got it back and a total of 12 minutes from the time I sat down on the garage flo ...
dancin1 - 27 Sep 2010