GHL 97-04 C5 Corvette Bullet Exhaust

GHL 97-04 C5 Corvette Bullet Exhaust

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The classic muscle car sound of the GHL Bullets has long been considered the quintessential C5 Corvette exhaust system. Only the highest quality mandrel bent 304 stainless steel is used to manufacture all of our exhaust systems. The Bullets feature quad 4" tips that make your exhaust look as good as it sounds. The Corvette Bullet exhaust utilizes GHL's innovative Thru-Flow design which allows your Corvette breath, yet produces no drone or cabin resonance, making it the perfect system for either a boulevard cruise or a weekend at the track.


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I had ECS do a mail order tune for me after my header install. THIS IS A MUST FOR 99.00!! The difference is amazing in the shift points and the way the car runs. I highly recommend ECS for this tune. You will be very happy.
c5_BearsFan - 25 Aug 2009