ECS Clutch Components

Clutch components designed to complete your clutch installation and upgrades.

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ECS C5/C6 Clutch Stop Kit The ECS C5/C6 Clutch stop kit is designed to limit the amount of pedal travel needed to perform a shift; thus allowing for shorter shift times and also improving normal drivability by taking up un-used pedal travel and making shift timing more consistent Product Details
ECS Remote Clutch Bleeder Kit ECS Remote Clutch Bleeder Kit. Add remote bleeding to your vehicle using our remote bleeder clutch kit featuring -4AN lines, and all parts necessary to install. Product Details
Tick Performance Adjustable Clutch Master Cylinder Kit for C5 THIS IS THE KIT YOU'VE HEARD THE RAVE REVIEWS ABOUT! Since their creation, the stock clutch hydraulic system has plagued C5 Corvettes. Shifting quickly at high RPM is extremely hard (in some cases even impossible), especially when using a beefy aftermarke Product Details
Tick Performance Adjustable Clutch Master Cylinder Kit for C6 Is your clutch pedal sticking to the floor when you drive your car aggressively? Are you having trouble shifting your car quickly in the upper RPMs? Are 1st Gear and Reverse hard to engage while the car is sitting still? You’re not alone! Product Details
GM Pilot Bearing - LS1 GM Pilot Bearing for use with LS1 Only Vehicle. Product Details
GM Pilot Bearing - LS2/LS3/LS7 GM Pilot Bearing for use with LS2/3/7/9/LSA Only Vehicle. Product Details

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Hey Everyone: I'd like to vouch for Doug's tunes...! I actually just sent an email to Chris at ECS about my car. I had the chance to drive my friend's H/C '01 C5 recently. Great car and it's fast, but my car actually pulls harder on the bottom end. Part of that is the movement of the torque curve with his cam, but I know a lot of it is this tune as well. My buddy also drove my car and said, "I wouldn't do anything else to this car," as he knew I was thinking of putting in a H/C setup. The car is really that fast. All I've done to date ...
Rossi396 - 12 Mar 2011