ECS Oil Adapter Block

ECS Billet Oil Line Adapter Block Looking for a way to tap into your engines oiling system so you can run a oil cooler? ECS has developed this simple Oil Adapter block that replaces your factory temperature sender housing, enabling you to run 10AN lines in and out of your motor. The Block Product Details

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Hey Everyone: I'd like to vouch for Doug's tunes...! I actually just sent an email to Chris at ECS about my car. I had the chance to drive my friend's H/C '01 C5 recently. Great car and it's fast, but my car actually pulls harder on the bottom end. Part of that is the movement of the torque curve with his cam, but I know a lot of it is this tune as well. My buddy also drove my car and said, "I wouldn't do anything else to this car," as he knew I was thinking of putting in a H/C setup. The car is really that fast. All I've done to date ...
Rossi396 - 12 Mar 2011