PRC Casting LS3 CNC Ported Heads

PRC Casting LS3 CNC Ported Heads

Shipping Weight: 56 pounds

All Precision Race Components (PRC) cylinder heads come fully CNC-ported and machined using state-of-the-art technology!

PRC's aftermarket casting LS3/L92/L99 cylinder heads come standard with the following options:

  • NEW PRC 13-Degree Valve Angle LS3 Castings
  • Improved Piston-to-Valve Clearance For Extra Compression & Larger Camshafts
  • Smaller Than Stock Intake Port Volume For Improved Port Velocity
  • Manley Stainless 2.165" Intake, 1.60" Exhaust Valves
  • Your Choice of Spring Kit
  • Completely Assembled and Milled to Your Specifications
  • 60-68cc Chambers

All PRC cylinder heads are extensively researched and tested. The all-new PRC aftermarket casting LS3 cylinder heads are designed to flow like a ported casting while keeping the port sizes smaller for improved port velocity. The result is a cylinder head that is over 10cc's smaller than a stock GM LS3 port and moves more air than a ported GM casting! These heads show dyno-proven 40+HP gains over stock 6.2L cylinder heads! The flow data below shows the superior performance of the PRC LS3 and L92 cylinder heads!

The all new PRC aftermarket casting LS3 heads are the perfect option for stock cube LS3/L99 & L92 engines looking for the most powerful LS3-style cylinder heads that we offer.  Engine dyno testing has shown big power gains across the entire RPM band compared to even the best ported stock GM castings that we have tested!

The 13-degree valve angle will allow for the ability to run more compression and larger camshafts thanks to an additional .040" better piston-to-valve clearance!! 


Intake Flow

Exhaust Flow


154 cfm

117 cfm


221 cfm

170 cfm


281 cfm

205 cfm


325 cfm

225 cfm


354 cfm

235 cfm

.650" 358 cfm 240 cfm
.700" 361 cfm 243 cfm

With all PRC cylinder heads, quality and performance are our two highest priorities! In addition to performance, you will not find a better performing set of cylinder heads at this price (cost is for the pair!).


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