ECS/G1 Pro LTx Street Intake Manifold

ECS/G1 Pro LTx Street Intake Manifold

Shipping Weight: 25 pounds

We have teamed up with Goertz 1 Pro to bring to market a superior intake design for the LT1 and LT4 platforms. This is the same intake that will come with our upcoming C7 Z06 Conversion Kits and will be optional with all our supercharger packages. After extensive dyno testing we have come up with a combo that will be a direct bolt on installation on all C7s with the OEM hood, and both LT1 and LT4 bolt patterns while also offering options in runner length for stock cubic inch applications with great power band from 4,000 to 6,500 RPM and a short runner race version for large cube applications above 7,000 RPM. You can choose what option fits your build best below.

G1Pro Fully Cad designed and developed this intake manifold is built to deliver huge airflow to your engine. Developed primarily for the needs of forced induction however this manifold should work quite nicely with a large cam and higher than stock rpms or larger cubic inch displacement. Available with 8 additional port injected bosses for using a Holley EFI Fuel Rail PART# 534-224 for big fueling demands that the stock direct injection fuel system can’t keep up with. Gives the longest powerband while being big boost safe. Clears all OEM Hoods, C7 safe!


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Got my PCM back today, only sent it out Monday that was a quick turnaround! Thanks Doug
My5thVet - 5 Oct 2010